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Dr. krithishree S.S.

Dr. Krithishree S.S. is one of the best psychiatrists practicing in Mangalore city offering a full spectrum of services including general psychiatric issues, addiction problems, behavioral issues in children and sexuality related concerns. Her warm, compassionate approach sets patients at ease and helps them focus on constructive steps toward improving emotional wellness. She is dedicated to working collaboratively with individuals to achieve success, drawing on her extensive training and experience to help them navigate internal and external challenges.
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Conditions Treated

Mental health disorders or as we call them mental illnesses is actually a wide area of mental health conditions that affect a person’s feelings, thought processes and behavior. These conditions have a biological basis of origin and partly the social and psychological factors have a role as a precipitating or perpetuating factor.
Here is the list of conditions dealt:

Depression & Anxiety

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Bipolar Disorder

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Sleep Disorders

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Addiction Treatment

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Psychosexual Problems

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Children Psychiatric Problems

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Success stories of our patients

Thousands of people get benefit

Ameya Mandve

Visited For Anxiety Disorders Treatment
Dr krithishree is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health, but also she is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient!


Visited For Attention deficit disorder
Dr. Krithishree understands the symptoms with clarity. She doesn't jump on conclusions immediately. Though I consulted her via phone, she seems to be very clear with the background of the illness and administer drugs with a good periodic window in order to assess the overall progress. Her attention to details and listening to issues without judgement is what separates her from other doctors.

Riya Dubey

Visited For Anxiety Disorders Treatment
She is one of kind! And extremely polite. I recommend for all the psychiatric ailments!


Visited For Panic Disorder Treatment
She made me feel at ease, understood my problem well, listened patiently and gave me perfect guidance. One of the friendliest doctors ever. Thank you so much Dr. Krithishree, you came as a saviour in present situation for me.


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